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Let's say there are 3 SaaS products and 10 employees. Assuming all 10 employees need to use all 3 products, the company will have 30 SaaS subs for 10 employees. In other words, it will have more SaaS subs than employees. Isn't this quite normal? Or, are you saying, the company has subscriptions to 11 or more SaaS products - if so, that's indeed a big deal and speaks volumes about the spread of SaaS software.

Puzzle or Mystery?

It can't be both, at least according to Malcom Gladwell's definition.

Puzzle: Pivots around lack of information e.g. Watergate scandal, Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts. Can be solved with more information.

Mystery: All the information is available to everyone but the mystery can be resolved only when someone has the time, expertise and tools to analyze the information and spot the hidden red flags. e.g. Enron and Satyam failures, Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

Great post. I have no idea about the specific numbers but I totally agree with the principle. You totally nailed it when you said "Bootstrapping is also a proposition that comes with risk, pressure, and often impossible expectations, it just comes from a different source."

I remember Seagate and US Steel were the leading candidates for being disrupted in Clay C's Disruptive Innovation Theory. They were the world's largest manufacturers of hard drives and steel when the theory was published nearly 25 years ago. When I last checked a few days ago, they're still the world's largest manufacturers of hard drives and steel. Whither Disruption?

I'm also amazed than an entire article on Intel does not mention PCs, which have 80%+ market share of desktop and laptop markets and mostly use Intel processors.

LOL now if you're saying I need to be a techie even to read your article, then...!

Jokes apart, what exactly is Data Engineer?

PS: While I'm not a "techie" at work, I'm an Engineer + MBA by training, so I may just be able to grok your answer:)

TY @3LPires. I'd already posted my tweet a couple of weeks ago. I just RTd it with cc to you.

You say no DBA required, you also say I did this, I did that, on Snowflake. To a non-techie like me, all of that seems to be work of a DBA:)

If you do something outrightly illegal, you should at least make truckloads of money out of it. Giving joy to others doing the same illegal stuff does not cut it. TBH, I can't think of a bigger loser than this Peter guy.

No, IMO, it's not a reminder of that. I think UTM is as good a name as any for what it is. But it is a perfect reminder that it's not necessary for the perfect brand name to come only via the standard operating procedure of engaging a branding firm, brainstorming, blah blah blah. Also, to add to the confusion, per, UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module:)


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